• Campus usher in a new round of purge loan period pattern will be in the future

  • Foxconn denied out of mainland will continue to take root

  • Our new generation meteorological satellites that orbit earth rev. 5

  • Chongqing build miho linkage insurance system for poverty alleviation

Xinhua dictionaryAPPEvery day to check two free of charge

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In recent days,Published by the commercial press official,Revision of the Chinese academy of social sciences language《Xinhua dictionary》APPOnline。It was reported,TheAPPProvide digital version of the print、The original《The news broadcast》The announcer rui-ying li read、Specification of Chinese characters stroke order of animation and other value-added services。...

The future will produce many emerging network

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4Month17Solstice18Day,The theme of“Innovation, win-win cooperation,Lead the future development”的2017The future network development summit held in nanjing。The summit by the Chinese academy of engineering、Nanjing government,Three big domestic telecom operators and Spain、Deutsche telekom, etc...

Water army openly unpaid leads to domestic drama

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《Solitary fang is not up》Since its premiere,After picking as a controversial problem,In a social network by word of mouth bad review,Now finds itself“Unpaid wages”The wave。Had been“Keyer”Such as negative news of TV plays《Solitary fang is not up》,Again since yesterday...

6In the customer can change from across the branch

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The original title:6In the customer can be withdrawn changes across the branch bank account the central bank issued a notice to prevent new telecom network crime6In the customer since the to the bank account can be withdrawn across the network changes2019Years6Month1The date,Banks should provide personal domestic branch across outlets...

Southwest jiangnan part will face heavy rainfall

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Beijing economic journal5Month17- turtle man...

Express little elder brother looks like low income to spend

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Portrait“Express little elder brother”Looks like the income low cost large short of professional identity“Express little elder brother”For the most part group looks like them to18To35At the age of youth。According to a report,2018In the national express business breakthrough500Hundred million pieces。A large number of new jobs...

Silicon valley's most powerful Chinese qi lu empty

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2017Years1Month17Day,Baidu announced formally appointed former Microsoft executive vice President of global qi lu as baidu group President and chief operating officer。Analysts said,Baidu is in urgent need to transition,Qi lu to join,The talent pool of artificial intelligence can give baidu added chip。...

Campus purge usher in a new period

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Originally the representative of financial innovation“The campus”,Today, full of turmoil,The campus of fraud、Usury、Naked loans、Collection become synonymous with the violence。A few days ago,The China banking regulatory commission jointly the ministry of education、People club department issued《On further strengthening campus credit management...

Three will accept xinhua news agency, head of the designed

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Xinhua net Beijing7Month14(in recent days,Xinhua news agency of the China banking regulatory commission in succession、The securities and futures commission、The China insurance regulatory commission“Three will be”Head for the interview,Three parsing, vice President of industry development present situation,Introduce regulation thinking。Through the three interviews,The future of our country financial industry regulation...

*STSeahorses sellers401Hedge shell car

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5Month15Sunday night,*STHippocampal announcement said,For optimization, and revitalize the stock of assets,Company intends to and through bidding/Or entrust intermediary institutions shall, in accordance with the market price in the secondary market business methods such as public sale is located in the business - a gold plate in haikou city industrial development zone...